Saturday, 27 April 2013

Why Guys are single?♥

Guys Are Single Because-

   01. Good girls are Not Good looking. :(
   02. Good looking girls Are Not good girls. :P
   03. Good looking & good girls are not single. :D
   04. Good looking, good & single girls have strong Brothers. :>
   05. Good looking, good, single girls without brothers will treat boys as her brothers. :/

Another question arises that Why Single Guys Are Single?

A UK poll reveals what women already suspected: single men don’t know what they want.

A stay-at-home mom who runs the household, or a high-roller who out-earns her husband?

A woman who appreciates a great meal, or a slim woman with a “pert butt”?

Six in 10 men believe they will find someone who’s all of the above. In addition, dream woman should be able to get ready for a date in 10 minutes or less. (Last time I checked, a pizza isn’t ready that quickly!)

Ninety-one percent of the 30,000 men polled also agreed that a high sex-drive is important, and 61% like a girl who likes to laugh (vs. having an intelligent conversation. Because having a sense of humor and enjoying a battle of the wits is the paradox here).

Good luck finding the woman of your dreams, guys. You’ll need it.

Stephanie is a NYC lifer who enjoys new-age dating, sharp-dressed men, and occasionally acting as big spoon.

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